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A review. Shooting 35mm FILM // Kodak Portra 800 // Canon EOS-1 V

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This roll of film is special for a few reasons: I haven't shot 35mm film in years but I have a big love for it because I started photography by shooting film back in 2006. I had a canon ae-1 program. The same one my grandma photographed me with growing up, in fact! That camera has since locked up and needs repair but I'd love to shoot again with it one day and pass it down to my sister or my daughter. This year I thought it would be lovely to incorporate film into our brand and I'm so glad I did because it sparked my love for it in a big big way. I shot this set on Kodak Portra 800. I did my homework and learned that Portra 800 looks best when you overexpose it and rate it at around ISO 200. Box speed is 800 but when you shoot at 400 or 200 it gives you similar skin tones as our beloved Fuji 400H. I'm wanting to shoot a few rolls of Kodak Portra 400 but it's pretty hard to come by with the recent trend of shooting film. Not complaining! I love it because FILM IS NOT DEAD! These images proved that this film is crazy versatile. As I shot both in the bright sunlight and in lowlight + used with flash (Godox V1)! Using flash was a gamble. I knew the ideal settings for digital and knew the ideal ISO for the film so I combined the two and it was a hit! These images were all taken on my Canon EOS 1-V and I metered with a Sekonic L-358. I bought both on eBay for a pretty good steal!I really loved this light meter. If you aren't sure how to use one, you tell the meter what ISO you are shooting at, what aperture you have your camera set at, then you aim the meter into the light toward your subject (best on a grey card) hit the side metering button and it'll suggest the appropriate shutter speed. Developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab on a Noritsu scanner in XL format. I personally prefer Noritsu over Frontier for Kodak Portra 800 because the skin tones are so beautiful!

Can you guess which of these is film and which is digital? I delivered the digital album before receiving my film scans so I really surprised myself here with the similar tones!

(images above: digital left, film right)




The bride did her own!

Planning & Event Design: @jana_farber_ware

Coordination: @bcrumpl

HMU: Abby Rose

Venue: Ponce De Leon Center // Woodland's Auditorium //

DJ & livestream: @pshownes

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