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Capital Hotel in Downtown Little Rock Engagement Session

Raleigh and Andrew moved to, met and fell in love working in Little Rock.

I had so much fun capturing their big love in our little big city. Going to paste Raleigh's sweet words from her engagement post when she shared our photos. xoxo "I still cannot put into words how much I love these photos…

So I’ll use this post as a massive shoutout instead. Andrew and I are so grateful to so many people, particularly our family and friends for supporting us individually and as a couple.

We’re also grateful for the staff at the @capitalhotellr for giving us the honor of using Little Rock’s front porch to take our engagement pictures, @sarenasaurus behind the lens of @nouvelphotofilm for capturing our love in such fun and beautiful photographs, all the complimentary strangers along with the friends we made at @arkansasbride during our engagement session for hyping us up (and Sarena’s little sister for getting the impression we were celebrities). Lastly, we’re grateful for the time vendors have given us, particularly @carolineplyevents and the staff at @arkmfa - we are so excited for the next 10 months and everything that comes after!" -Raleigh

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