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Golden Hour in Arkansas Sunshine

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We've been location scouting for mini sessions and my favorite spot just so happens to be in DIRECT sunlight no matter the time of day. Instead of finding a "better" spot with easier light to work with we decided to accept the challenge. We tested out the location with a model call session and I don't want to brag (yes I do) but we made the sun our you know what. And our models? They understood the assignment.

3 tips for shooting in direct sun

1. Sidelight

Use harsh light and shadows to your advantage. I encourage our subjects to turn slightly into the light but not directly, maybe 75% of the way. This will cast some pretty harsh shadows but the direct light brings in enough light I feel like there's some moody balance. Art is subjective, after all.

2. Avoid the camera

Avoid the camera? What? But that's why they're here. Instead of having your subject looking directly into the camera try having them look away allowing their eyes to relax.

3. Use each other for shade

If you're shooting a couple you can have one person's back to block the sun for the other. Practice really does make perfect. I snapped away at my couple until the light was just right.

Bonus tip!

Just have fun with it!

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