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Arkansas Baby & Family Home Photo & Video Session

Baby Foster was sweet enough to shower us with giggles and coos while we snapped away at his sweet family.

Jonathon and I drove up to Jonesboro, Arkansas to photograph and video/film a family that won a giveaway we had hosted in 2022. We had previously planned to do an outdoor session when baby Foster was 6 months old but the weather was gloomy and I insisted we shoot on a sunnier day-- and I am so glad we did. We swapped out a gloomy muddy outdoor session for a bright sunny indoor home session. We felt like the stars had aligned because not only was the light beautiful, Foster is now 9 months old and full of so much happy energy! 3 hours of giggles, coos and cuddles with his mama and daddy. I also shot a couple rolls of film and I am so excited to get those scans back! I can't wait! Family sessions on film are my favorite.

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