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5 ways to look better in photos

This is helpful for photographers and videographers!

NOT A MODEL. The woman photographed is a dentist but you'd never know on camera because she SLAYS!

1. Unless your client is a professional model or dancer they aren't typically going to know how to stand, angle their face or know where to put their hands. Even unposed photos have prompts. Pose in a way that works their best angles then give prompts such as "meow in her ear" and let magic unfold on its own!

NOT MODELS. Just two love birds being given prompts to allow them to rock the camera.

2. Make your clients laugh! All those dad jokes you've got saved up may come in handy here but we find making the clients make each other laugh works best! This usually goes hand in hand with #1. Give prompts that create laughter. A good example is telling one person to whisper their Taco Bell order in a sexy voice in the ear of their partner. This works on couples, not in professional settings. Hehe

NOT MODELS. Just two love birds put in a situation that caused a lot of laughter!

3. Demonstrate a pose or scene instead of just describing it. Sometimes "wrap your arm around his neck and caress his cheek with the other" can be confusing. Have some photo examples lined up or act it out with a pretend partner. You'd be surprised at how helpful this is. Acting these scenarios out helps lighten the mood and loosen your clients up too!

NOT MODELS. Just two sweet hearts that were just shown a visual prompt saved on a device.

4. BE A HYPE PERSON! Hype them up! Let your client know when they're doing a good job. Build them up, compliment them, provide confidence! You don't only have to compliment how they look or how well of a job they're doing but you can also get your clients hype by letting them know how awesome your footage is turning out. "Omg! This is an amazing shot. This could be a magazine cover, I swear!" When it looks good- let them know!!

NOT MODELS. Just two mamas to be that we couldn't stop hyping up because JUST LOOK AT THEM! *heart eyes*

5. This one maybe should have been listed first but here we are... PROVIDE A STYLE GUIDE before the shoot. Do it well in advance so they have time to plan accordingly and/or shop! It's easy to style an existing closet without breaking the bank at Banana Republic or H&M. Think neutrals that work in earthy environments or bold flattering colors that work in a downtown setting. Teach them how to work what their mama gave them and look good. Don't have a style guide? You can purchase one on @unscriptedposingapp, @etsy, and @canva

NOT A MODEL. Just a mama to be that used our style guide and purchased the perfect affordable dress at TJ MAXX.

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